Oral Presentations:

• Please submit an electronic copy of your presentation to rrsp@ua.edu by noon on Friday, February 2nd.

- We will load all presentations onto the room computers in advance of the conference.
- If you cannot meet this deadline, please email us so that we are aware of the problem.
- Computers are all running Windows 10 and the latest version of PowerPoint.

• Please arrive in the presentation room at least 15 minutes before the scheduled start to verify that your presentation has been loaded onto the presentation computer.

• Please make sure you have a backup of your presentation just in case of a problem. Do not rely solely on the internet as your backup solution. We recommend that you also have a copy of your presentation on a USB drive.

• All rooms have multimedia equipment. However, we cannot be responsible for equipment failure or power outage. It is recommended that you bring at least 5 copies of your presentation slides for the judges and audience should there be an equipment failure.

Poster Presentations:

• Please arrive in the presentation room/area at least 15 minutes before the scheduled start to set up your poster.

• Easels, backboards and clips will be provided for each poster.

• Please plan to stand by your poster the full session time.