Randall Research Scholars Program

Fall 2018 Schedule

Live Broadcast will not start until noon on Thursday, December 6th

*Presentation not broadcast due to Non-Disclosure Agreement

Time Title Presenter Advisor Department
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Thu, 09:15 AM Improving the Effectiveness of Time-Splitting Methods for Electrostatic Analysis of Solvated Biomolecules Benjamin Jones Professor Shan Zhao Mathematics
Thu, 09:30 AM Developing a Method for Collecting Tor Traffic Data * Ben Hallihan Dr. Diana Dolliver Criminology and Criminal Justice
Thu, 10:00 AM Developing Stable Perovskite Solar Cells Annealed with Ultraviolet Light * Henry Abrams Dr. Dawen Li Electrical & Computer Engineering
Thu, 10:15 AM Break Break Break Break
Thu, 10:30 AM Optimization of Electronic Chemical Sensors * Ariana Rivera Professor Adam Hauser Physics and Astronomy
Thu, 10:45 AM Analyzing SMILES Chemical Identifier Descriptors for Structure-Economy Relationships * Serena Ralph Professor Vincent Scalfani University Libraries
Thu, 11:00 AM Investigating the Impact of Tenascin-C on the Drug Response of Brain Metastatic Breast Cancer Cells * Emma Sanders Dr. Shreyas Rao Chemical and Biological Engineering
Thu, 11:15 AM The Impact of Lonafarnib on the Behavior of Glioblastoma Stem Cells * Brandon Edney Dr. Shreyas Rao Chemical and Biological Engineering
Thu, 11:30 AM Break Break Break Break
Thu, 11:45 AM Break Break Break Break
Thu, 12:00 PM The Global Land Rush: A Socio-Environmental Synthesis Bradley Beasley Dr. Nicholas Magliocca Geography
Thu, 12:15 PM Studies of Photon Reconstruction with the Compact Muon Solenoid Detector at the Large Hadron Collider Sarah Deutsch Dr. Conor Henderson Physics & Astronomy
Thu, 12:30 PM Attention to Emotion in Adolescents with Psychopathic Traits Ariana Evans-Young Dr. Randall Salekin Psychology
Thu, 12:45 PM Differences in Temporal Measures of Infant Swallow Function Grace Trulove Dr. Memorie Gosa Communicative Disorders
Thu, 01:00 PM Cardiovascular Drift and Maximal Oxygen Uptake in Men Versus Women during Heat Stress Sarah Burnash Dr. Jonathan Wingo Kinesiology