Randall Research Scholars Program

Fall 2017 Schedule

Live Broadcast will not start until noon on Thursday

*Presentation not broadcast due to Non-Disclosure Agreement

Time Title Presenter Advisor Department
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Thu, 09:15 AM Investigating the impact of Tenascin-C on the stemness of glioblastoma stem cells * Brandon Edney Dr. Shreyas Rao Chemical and Biological Engineering
Thu, 09:30 AM Identifying inhibitors of the Type III CRISPR-Cas system in Staphylococcus epidermidis * Emma Culbertson Dr. Asma Hatoum-Aslan Biology
Thu, 09:45 AM Targeting Hyaluronan Interactions for Glioblastoma Stem Cell Therapy * Joline Hartheimer Dr. Yonghyun (John) Kim Chemical & Biological Engineering
Thu, 10:00 AM The Impact of Vitronectin on Cancer Stem Cells in Glioblastoma Multiforme * Bailey Creighton Dr. Yonghyun (John) Kim Chemical and Biological Engineering
Thu, 10:15 AM Developing a Diagnostic Mobile Application for Pre-eclampsia * Dawson Tan Dr. Kimberly Stowers Culverhouse College of Commerce
Thu, 10:30 AM Rapid Ultra-High Temperature Testing of UHTCs Morgan Ross Dr. Gregory Thompson Metallurgical and Materials Engineering
Thu, 10:45 AM Developing Awareness of Services Offered by Pickens County Medical Center? * Lauren Donaldson Dr. Jefrey Naidoo Management
Thu, 11:00 AM Analysis of the Role of cis-Regulatory Elements in RNA Methylation * Zoe Guckien Dr. Jack Dunkle Chemistry
Thu, 11:15 AM The impact of matrix stiffness on drug response in metastatic breast cancer cells * Sara Ferguson Dr. Shreyas Rao Chemical and Biological Engineering
Thu, 11:30 AM LSA Text Analysis Caroline Babbin Dr. David/Joanne Hale MIS
Thu, 11:45 AM Break - We will be back soon! * Break Break Break
Thu, 12:00 PM Are Ultraconserved Elements an Informative Phylogenetic Marker in Molluscs? Emily Pabst Dr. Kevin Kocot Biological Sciences
Thu, 12:15 PM Social Media as a Potential Search & Rescue Tool Houston Wingo Dr. Aibek Musaev Computer Science
Thu, 12:30 PM TelePlay: Connecting Physicians, Families, and Autism Professionals to Increase Early Autism Identification in Pickens County Grace Trulove Dr. Angela Barber Communicative Disorders
Thu, 12:45 PM Male and Female Ad Processing: The Selectivity Hypothesis Amanda Flamerich Dr. Lance Kinney Advertising and Public Relations