Randall Research Scholars Program

Fall 2017 Schedule

Live Broadcast will not start until noon on Thursday

*Presentation not broadcast due to Non-Disclosure Agreement

Time Title Presenter Advisor Department
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Thu, 04:45 PM Discovery of Potential Drug Leads for the Prevention and Treatment of Alzheimer's Disease Yani Saferite Dr. Lukasz Ciesla Biological Sciences
Thu, 05:00 PM Understanding the Influence of a Sport Based Youth Development Program in an Afterschool Setting on Children's Social and Emotional Learning Spencer Douglas and Jacob Inglis Dr Kevin Richards Kinesiology
Thu, 05:15 PM Progress on the Sanitation Ladder: Looking back at the MDGs Julia Zimmerman Dr. Mark Elliott Civil, Construction, and Environmental Engineering
Thu, 05:30 PM The Application of Deep Learning to EXO-200 Hank Richards Prof. Igor Ostrovskiy Physics and Astronomy
Thu, 05:45 PM Discovering Novel Genes Involved in Age-Dependent Neuroinflammation Lauren Harper Dr. Stanislava Chtarbanova Biological Sciences
Thu, 06:00 PM Improving the ILLISLAB Finite Element Program Tim Foley Dr. Armen Amirkhanian Civil, Construction,
Thu, 06:15 PM The Social Dynamics of Reddit Wyatt Harrison Dr. Elliot Panek Journalism and Creative Media
Thu, 06:30 PM We will be back Friday! Break Break Break
Fri, 08:00 AM Improving Accuracy of Time Splitting Methods for Electrostatic Analysis of Solvated Biomolecules Benjamin Jones Dr. Shan Zhao Mathematics
Fri, 08:15 AM Actinide Aqueous Hydrolysis Reactions: Initial Steps in Actinide Aggregation Donna Xia Dr. David Dixon Chemistry
Fri, 08:30 AM Building a Trustworthy Robot Jakeias McGee Dr. Kimberly Stowers Management
Fri, 08:45 AM Complexity of Computing Categorified Invariants Aaron Tharsius Dr. Lawrence Roberts Mathematics
Fri, 09:00 AM The History of Slavery at the University of Alabama as Revealed in the Basil Manly Diaries Nadia DelMedico Dr. Rachel Stephens Art and Art History
Fri, 09:15 AM Vocabulary Tuning: Optimizing Subword Vocabulary Size for Neural Machine Translation Ethan Mines Dr. Jeff Gray Computer Science
Fri, 09:30 AM State Lottery Demand Analysis Matthew Fisher Dr. Paan Jindapon Economics, Finance, & Legal Studies