Randall Research Scholars Program

Fall 2018 Schedule

Live Broadcast will not start until noon on Thursday, December 6th

*Presentation not broadcast due to Non-Disclosure Agreement

Time Title Presenter Advisor Department
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Thu, 05:00 PM Can We Release the Incarcerated Elderly? Analysis of State Compassionate Release Policies Sara Carmichael Dr. Jane Daquin Criminology & Criminal Justice
Thu, 05:15 PM Targeted Marketing for Pickens County Medical Center Lena Brysacz Dr. Jef Naidoo Management
Thu, 05:30 PM Potential Drug Leads for the Prevention and Cure of Alzheimer's Disease Yani Saferite Dr. Lukasz Ciesla Department of Biological Sciences
Thu, 05:45 PM Reducing Smartphone Annoyances through AI and Electroencephalography (EEG) Ethan Mines Dr. Chris Crawford Computer Science
Thu, 06:00 PM Examining Early Semantic Categories in Children with Autism, Developmental Delay, and Typical Development Lillian Woolf Dr. Angela Barber Communicative Disorders
Thu, 06:15 PM Automated Assessments Using Photos from Google Streetview and Tensorflow Michael O'Grady Dr. Erik Johnson School of Economics
Thu, 06:30 PM State Lottery Demand Analysis Matthew Fisher Dr. Erik Johnson Economics, Finance, and Legal Studies
Thu, 06:45 PM The Effect of Salinomycin on Cancer Stem Cells in Glioblastoma * Will Raney Dr. Yonghyun (John) Kim Chemical and Biological Engineering
Thu, 07:00 PM Elucidating Caffeine Metabolism Regulation in Bacteria * Ward Pullen Dr. Ryan Summers Biological and Chemical Engineering Department
Thu, 07:00 PM Elucidating Caffeine Metabolism Regulation in Bacteria * Christopher Raddatz Dr Ryan Summers Biological and Chemical Engineering Department
Fri, 08:00 AM The Interaction of Azole Bio-isosteres with Amino Acid Side Chains for Drug Design Hannah Slater Dr. David Dixon Chemistry
Fri, 08:15 AM Telomere Length, the American Heart Association's Life's Simple 7, and Psychosociocultural Factors Among African American Women Hillary Melton Dr. Theresa Wadas Nursing
Fri, 08:30 AM Employing Social Media Data Mining & Machine Learning to Identify Persuasive Message Elements & Tactics & Design Counterpersuasive Messaging: A Brand Communication Approach Marie Neubrander Dr. Jameson Hayes Advertising & Public Relations
Fri, 08:45 AM Investigating Internal Pressure Changes in Homes During Garage Door Failure in High Wind Events Joshua Hunt Dr. Thang Dao Civil, Construction, and Environmental Engineering
Fri, 09:00 AM Feature Addition to a Brain Segmentation Tool for Studies on Aging and Risk for Alzheimer's Disease Brandon Lucas Dr. Ian McDonough Psychology