Randall Research Scholars Program

Fall 2018 Schedule

Live Broadcast will not start until noon on Thursday, December 6th

*Presentation not broadcast due to Non-Disclosure Agreement

Time Title Presenter Advisor Department
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Fri, 12:45 PM The Construction of South Korean National Identity Jacob Inglis Dr. Steven Ramey Department of Religious Studies
Fri, 01:00 PM Personality Traits and Charitable Giving Connor Best Dr. Michael Price Economics, Finance, and Legal Studies
Fri, 01:15 PM Finding the Generalized Volume Enclosed of a Unit N-Sphere Using Rectangular Coordinates Philip Speegle Dr. David Cruz-Uribe Mathematics
Fri, 01:30 PM Similarities between Celebrity Worship of School Shooters and Celebrity Worship of Movie Stars and Professional Athletes Kaitlin Tindol Dr. Adam Lankford Criminology and Criminal Justice
Fri, 01:45 PM Occupational Health, Safety, and Performance of Tactical and Industrial Athletes Mia McKee Dr. Hayley MacDonald Kinesiology
Fri, 02:00 PM Development of Data Acquisition Systems for a Novel Gamma Ray Telescope Jacob Powell Dr. Marcos Santander Physics and Astronomy
Fri, 02:15 PM Understanding Movies Andrew Rutledge Dr. Beverly Roskos-Ewoldsen Psychology
Fri, 02:30 PM Project CHAP (Case Management, Housing, HIV Advocacy and Policy) Gracie Smith Dr. Safiya George Nursing
Fri, 02:45 PM Unlearning Misinformation: Exploring Campus Folklore via Fact-Checking Jacob Collins Dr. Darrin Griffin Communication and Information Science
Fri, 03:00 PM A Study of Deified Emperors' Titles in Roman Literature Gray Wood Dr. Kelly Shannon-Henderson Department of Modern Languages and Classics
Fri, 03:15 PM LARC Provision in Alabama's Publicly Funded Family Planning Clinics Lauren Harper Dr. Abbey Gregg Community Health Sciences
Fri, 03:30 PM Resin and Ferrite Low Loss Antenna Substrate * Jonathan Platt Dr. Yang-Ki Hong Electrical and Computer Engineering
Fri, 03:45 PM EXO-200 Deep Learning Analysis Thomas Richards Professor Igor Ostrovskiy Department of Physics and Astronomy
Fri, 04:00 PM Flow Physics of Hypersonic Vehicles Kelsey Johnson Dr. Semih Olcmen Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics